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How to Remove Chocolate Stains Like a Pro
admin_pjm By : PJM FIXTMAN
22 Apr 2022

You do not have to do a lot to keep your house unstained, but you have to be an artist to remove chocolate stains. Suppose you leave your child alone for an hour to eat breakfast by themselves. A toddler will prefer a scrumptious Nutella to any other diet. You will notice a large chocolate stain on the tablecloth when you come back. There is a worse scenario. If your child is playful, they will stick the color to all the other fabrics in the house, including the curtains and their clothes. What is the solution? Here are some routines to remove chocolate stains to get rid of this problem quickly.

What do we need to do to remove chocolate stains?

First off, do not scrub the stained fabric to remove chocolate stains. This action causes the chocolate brown spots to submerge more profound into the material. Many chocolates contain food colors that require miracle-like removal and are quite impossible to draw out. Then try to wash off the stained area with cold water gently. Do not apply hot water under any circumstances. Hot water causes the stain to be fixed on the clothes. Coldwater should adequately cover all stained spots. Gently rub on the color and apply cold water evenly to the underside of the cloth. 

What do we need to do to remove chocolate stains?

What do Chemicals need to do to remove chocolate stains?

If you do not have a solid liquid for cleansing clothes stains, you can use dishwashing liquid. Some dishwashing liquids have potent chemical compounds that make the color of clothes pale or damage the texture of fabrics. If the clothes are a big deal to you, before applying the dishwashing liquid, pour a little of it on the invisible part and see if the color of the clothes changes or not. The best spot to pour strong liquid to test is the bottom underside of a shirt or T-shirt. Leave the dishwashing or strong washing liquid on the stained part for 7 to 12 minutes to remove chocolate stains. After this time, you will notice that the spots have become much lighter or even gone. In most cases, there is still a tiny trace of the stain.

Still, cold water is in action.

After this step:

  1. Immerse the whole garment, cloth, or anything that has been discolored by chocolate in cold water.
  2. Rub the parts where the chocolate sticks in there.
  3. Keep doing it until you notice almost no traces of stains on the surface.

In many cases, the shades of the stain may remain, which will be wholly taken away from the fabric surfaces in later steps. Food colors are the enemy of fabric textures. Still, do not worry. Oil and color stains can also be gently wiped out without damaging the original color of the fabric or clothing.

Laundry stain removers

Laundry stain removers

In most cases, and most likely, the stains will be taken off by now. But if the story goes differently, do not worry. The stain removers will help you at this stage. Sometimes stains penetrate deep into the tissue and cannot be effectively removed with a strong detergent. Stain removers are produced to remove chocolate stains. Be sure to read the instructions for removing clothes stains before use. Each stain follows a specific procedure and timing. After applying the paint to the clothes, leave them to soak in bleach. If you have colored garments, use safe-color bleach.
By using this method, you can make sure that any chocolate stain is eliminated from the surfaces and textures of the fabric. Then you have to wash the clothes. You should wash clothes in cold water, even with your hands, due to several different detergents. If the chocolate stain is on white clothes, use regular bleach. Using bleach and stain remover, colors will never remain on white garments.
The best stain removers are:

  • OxiClean MaxForce Laundry Stain Remover Spray
  • Tide to Go Instant Stain Remover
  • Zout Triple Enzyme Formula Laundry Stain Remover Foam
  • SHOUT Advanced Stain Remover for Clothes
  • Biokleen Bac-Out Enzyme Stain Remover

You should be desperately unlucky if you find that there is still a stain on the clothes or curtains of the house. You have come a long way to removing chocolate stains, but you have a long way to go further. In most cases, the stains disappear. But if you notice a shame after the above steps, there is still a solution. Try not to put clothes in the dryer. Also, do not dry clothes or fabric with heat, leaving the stain in place forever. Take your clothes to the dry cleaner, and they know how to get rid of these annoying stains.

A Few Helpful Tips

 Remove Chocolate Stains
  1. Do not leave stains on fabric surfaces for an extended period. After a long time of food stains, especially chocolate, these stains penetrate the fabric yarn and remain there.
  2. If you use bleach or stain remover, make sure they are good quality. Solid stains or bleaches sometimes damage the fabrics. Strong detergents are used in industrial sizes and have other uses.
  3. Before using washing liquids, make sure that they do not remove the color of your clothes and fabrics.
  4. If you immediately realize that you cannot remove the chocolate stain from the fabric surfaces, hand over the clothes or any other fabric materials to a dry cleaner. Sometimes, removing a color will cost the entire garment or fabric.
  5. It is again emphasized to use cold water for washing, and any heat will cause its color to sit there forever.
  6. Use chocolate products that contain fewer chemicals and food colors than similar products. You can find out the ingredients by referring to the label on the back of the product.
  7. Each garment is made from specific chemical and industrial materials, and the color of the fabric may react differently to various types of stains. Knowing this will help you to use special detergents in a certain amount.

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