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Why Taskna?

Why Taskna?

At TaskNa, with a long range of offered services with the highest quality, our mission is to become the best home service provider for our customers. We provide many types of quality services from professional house cleaning to technical maintenance and handyman tasks. With our reasonable prices and top-tier service, we are aiming to be the go-to company for our U.S citizens to get in touch whenever they need the best provider.

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Tips for Eliminating Bathroom Odor

Tips for Eliminating Bathroom Odor


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The Lifespan of Cleaning Products

The Lifespan of Cleaning Products


Unlike food, cleaning products sit on shelves or in cabinets for a long time. They might be opened once and then not used for months or even years. The expiration date of a random detergent under the sink might not be something you actively consider. It is also not a rare belief that they don’t […]

How To Wash Plastic Shower Curtains

How To Wash Plastic Shower Curtains


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