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How To Clean Your Electronic Devices
admin_taskna By : Taskna team
12 Mar 2022

How to Clean your electronic devices? Does doing this require unique information and awareness? Many people sometimes, for example, once a week, only clean the surface of their electronic equipment. 

But did you know that there is a lot of dirt on your laptop keyboard headphones? Do you pay attention to all parts when cleaning your electronics?

Clean Your Electronic Devices

This article will explain how to clean and keep electronics clean to enjoy being pure and extending your electronics life. As you know, dirt and dust are one of the electronics’ main enemies, and you must prevent dirt, dust, and water from entering these types of devices.

Why do our electronics get dirty?

Maybe to find ways to Clean your electronic devices, it’s better first to ask why our electronics get dirty?

After the outbreak of the Coronavirus, many people continued to work remotely. 

Many people touch their face and hair while working without realizing it. In such cases, most people continue to work with all kinds of electronics without washing their hands.

We will notice minor fat stains on our laptop or mobile phone, or headphones after a while.

Today, we are constantly using electronic devices in our daily lives, and these devices have a fixed place in our work or life. We may often even share them with many people, and our family members may be careless about keeping these items clean. This article will acquaint you with how to Clean your electronic devices.

Do we have to clean electronics every day?

If you spend a lot of time cleaning your house daily, include cleaning electronics such as laptops and smartphones.

Clean electronics convey a great feeling to users, and we recommend that you clean them daily. As you know, electronic devices like magnets to absorb dust are considered dirt, and your fingerprints remain on them. If you delay cleaning your laptops and smartphones, you will face more difficulties.

Also, in such situations, in addition to the difficulty of cleaning these devices, you should know that stains, viruses, and bacteria on electronic devices can endanger our health and make us sick.

If you do not correctly clean the bacteria and viruses on the surface of your smartphone, laptop, and gaming system, it is dangerous and affects your health. Because you may inadvertently touch other items in your home or office, in this way, the spread of fine particles and bacteria from one place to another will continue. In such cases, people will suffer from ear infections, pneumonia, and other respiratory diseases. So prioritize daily cleaning of electronics and do not neglect the importance of this work.

Short and essential tips for cleaning electronics

Now that you are ready to clean your electronics and want to use disinfectant to clean all your electronics and free of any dust, we ask you to pay attention to these points.

Knowing how to clean cell phones, laptops, and other electronic devices is very important. Because if you do not know or do not follow the critical points about cleaning electronics, you will face many problems.

  • Before you start cleaning your electronics, first check the manual of this device thoroughly to know the essential points.
  • Do not disinfect cleaners or even spray water on electronics. This method is hazardous, and your device may have significant problems.
  • Unplug the electronics before cleaning them. You also need to remove the batteries altogether from the device.

How to clean a cell phone?

How to clean a cell phone?

We can safely say that our way of life changed fundamentally with the Coronavirus outbreak.

For example, when we are away from home or at work, we wear a mask and maybe wash or disinfect our hands more than 15 times a day.

But in most cases, we neglect to Clean our electronic devices and forget that our mobile phone also needs to be cleaned continuously. Sometimes we carelessly put our washed or disinfected hands on our dirty phones, and again, all the newly washed germs will be on our hands.

Without paying attention, we place our infected phone close to our mouth when making a call and place it next to our face and ears.

bacteria on the surface of a cell phone

Research has shown that bacteria on the surface of a cell phone are as common as germs on a toilet seat. Sometimes there are even more bacteria on the surface of your cell phone, and you are unaware of them. As you know, mobile phones are warm electronics and are good conditions for germs to multiply and grow.

You can prevent germs from spreading to other surfaces by learning how to clean your phone every day.

clean our phones at least once daily

According to health experts, we need to clean our phones at least once daily. With Clean your electronic devices, you can significantly prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

 Be careful when cleaning your phone. For example, if you are careless in front of the fingerprint on your mobile phone and you tend the mobile phone with more pressure, this part of your mobile phone may be damaged.

Try to use suitable protectors for your phone screen. When cleaning your mobile phone, be sure to remove the back cover of the phone so that you can thoroughly clean the back of your mobile phone.

Use a damp microfiber cloth. 

Use a damp microfiber cloth to clean your electronics. This way you will make sure that your mobile phone is clean.

Clean your electronic devices with a slightly damp microfiber cloth or an alcohol wipe. We recommend using a dry toothbrush without water for parts of the phone where the fabric does not enter and can not clean all pieces well. The toothbrush helps you get rid of debris and small objects inside your phone.

Disinfect cell phones

As you know, cleaning a cell phone does not mean it has germs. After cleaning the cell phone, it is time to disinfect it.

You need to know enough about the phone before disinfecting it. Disinfecting your phone when you have a cold or the Coronavirus is essential to prevent the virus from spreading to other places.

Do you not use screensavers for your phone? In this case, we recommend using a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water with a microfiber cloth.

You can also mix alcohol and water and pour them into a spray bottle. Remember not to spray the solution directly on the phone. It would help spread a mixture of water and alcohol on the cloth and then clean your electronic devices.

If you want to get rid of germs and other pathogens when you get home, follow the solution we provided. Then wash your hands and disinfect.

Cleaning the tablet

To clean the tablet, you can do the same as cleaning and disinfecting the phone. We recommend that you use a lint-free microfiber cloth. With the help of this cloth, you can gently clean the stains and fingerprints left on the screen and the phone’s case.

Using a slightly damp microfiber towel will be more practical. But to clean your electronic devices, we do not recommend using a towel or paper towel. Because the tissue has lint, the protective cover of your tablet screen will scratch.

What should we do to clean the laptop?

Cleaning the computer

Your laptop is not like a desktop computer fixed in one place. You take your laptop with you to college, work, and school. So it is more prone to getting dirty than your personal computer.

Fortunately, you can turn your laptop upside down when everything hidden on the keyboard comes out. Try shaking your laptop keyboard gently. We also recommend using a compressed air can. You can spray clean the keyboard and all the cracks in your laptop. Just remember to unplug the computer before removing it and remove the battery.

Again, we recommend that you use a microfiber cleaning cloth. You can wipe all the laptop’s surfaces by moistening them a little. 

A damp microfiber cloth is also suitable for cleaning the LCD screen. If your laptop has touch screens, it is better to use water or glasses cleaner. Of course, the direct spray is wrong, and you should spray the solution on the cloth. Alcohol and water are also suitable for cleaning laptop keyboards.

Cleaning the desktop computer

Did you search for “Clean your electronic devices” to learn how to clean your Desktop PC? This article will show you how to clean your desktop monitor screen.

The way you clean your laptop and desktop PC is the same. To clean the back of the monitor and the frame around the screen, we recommend that you use water and a microfiber cloth.

Try dusting the surface of the Desktop PC.

Also, be careful to clean the keyboard to hide nothing. Then you can use a cloth and a solution of alcohol and water for the keyboard.

The mouse is touched by us many times a day, and it inevitably gets dirty. Use a damp cloth to clean the mouse. It is better to disinfect the mouse after cleaning it because it is constantly in contact with your hands.

Clean flat-screen TV

When you search for Clean your electronic devices, you will find that cleaning your flat-screen TV requires more care because we see anti-reflective coatings on many TV screens.

Note that the anti-reflective coatings used on most TVs are sensitive to the chemicals in most cleaners.

It is better to avoid harmful chemicals and only use a damp microfiber cloth. Water alone will be enough to clean the screen and then the frame and base of your TV. You can also use a microfiber cloth to clean other electronic devices such as DVD players and enjoy cleaning them.

How to Clean Headphones and Earphones?

Cleaning Headphones and Earphones requires a bit of care. Now that you are looking to clean your electronic devices, you should know that sometimes cleaning Headphones and Earphones is as time-consuming as cleaning a smartphone.

Therefore, you should take the time to clean your headphones or handsfree daily so that it does not become too dirty.

If your handsfree is detachable, be sure to remove it and clean it thoroughly with soap and water.

A wet microfiber cloth is handy for cleaning Headphones and Earphones. Only make sure they are dry after cleaning. Try using a small brush with soft bristles to clean the gaps and grooves of your headphones. 

If you use Bluetooth headphones, we recommend using a dry and clean cloth. Because the fabric is wet, it may damage the electronics inside.

Smartwatch cleaning

Usually, your smartwatch gets dirty due to the sweat of your hand. Fortunately, you can clean it with a damp microfiber cloth.

If this method does not clean your smartwatch, you can try a solution of water and baking soda.


Always keep in mind that cleaning and disinfecting cell phones, computers, laptops, and other electronics will help reduce the transmission of germs and viruses in your home.

Knowing how to clean your electronic devices is essential at all times of the year. But in winter, due to the prevalence of colds and flu, this issue will be much more critical.

This article has tried to provide valuable tips about cleaning your electronic devices. We hope you find this article helpful and that you can enjoy easy and worry-free cleaning of electronics surfaces and prevent germs from spreading to other characters. Please write us your comments.

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