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Hiring maid services in 2022 | ways to keep your residence clean
admin_pjm By : PJM FIXTMAN
22 Apr 2022

Is your house constantly getting dirty and thinking about hiring maid services in 2022? Have you decided to have a tidy and clean house at the beginning of the new year?

Many people find maintaining a clean and tidy home impossible or very difficult. If you are an employee and work full time, you will probably be exhausted when you get home and will not be able to do house cleaning.

Many people have to take care of their children as soon as they get home, so they will not be able to clean the house. But do not worry, because in this article we will teach you essential tips and tricks so that you can always keep your home clean and tidy!

This article will explain how hiring maid services in 2022 so you know what you need to do to keep your home tidy and how to make the most of hiring maid services in 2022.

You do not have to do everything yourself.

Before we teach you the essential points, you should know that you do not have to do everything yourself. You can get help from reliable institutions to benefit from the best home cleaning services.

Having such cleaning facilities allows you to spend a little more time and rest and talk to family members. Cleaning specialists will thoroughly clean your kitchen, living room, and bedrooms, and you will be surprised to see the cleanliness of your bathroom and toilet. You can even outsource the cleaning of your furniture upholstery.

How to keep your house clean and tidy?

Hiring Maid Services in 2022

 When you do not have enough time to devote to the affairs of children and family members, it will be challenging to do household chores. If you want to make more progress in 2022 planning and learn more about your field of work, you need to have hiring maid services in 2022 in your plan. However, here are some tips to keep your home clean daily.

1. Discard shopping bags after bringing items home

2. Slightly clean the kitchen and living room every day

3. Arrange your bed as soon as you wake up

4. Take leftovers and garbage out of the house every day

5. Empty your sink of dirty dishes every day

6. In the morning, empty your dishwasher of clean dishes

7. Put everything in its place when the living room is cluttered.

If you make these seven simple habits and tasks a part of your daily routine, you will always have a tidy and clean house. By practicing these habits, you will soon realize that cleaning your home is easy, and you will not need to spend a lot of time on daily cleaning and household chores. So every once in a while, you can hire maid services in 2022 to do deep cleaning for your home.

How to keep your house clean for a week?

You need to have a unique cleaning plan and do some house cleaning every day to clean and tidy the house during the week. Some people try to clean their homes at the end of the week when they have more free time and decide to try hiring maid services in 2022. If you are exhausted every day after returning from work, you can clean the surface of the house and leave the more difficult tasks to the cleaning specialists on weekends.

Try a weekly cleaning schedule.

There is a great way to keep your home clean: weekly planning. During the week, try to clean and tidy every part of the house.

Cleaning bedrooms

For example, spend Saturdays cleaning your children’s bedroom and your room.

Check the fridge

Check the fridge on Sundays and throw away leftovers that you no longer eat, and then clean and disinfect the surface of tables and other kitchen utensils. Also, do not forget to sweep under the dining table.

cleaning toilets and bathrooms

Dedicate Monday to cleaning toilets and bathrooms. Check your bathtub bar to ensure it is free of any mold.

cleaning your living room

Spend Tuesdays cleaning your living room. Try to use standard detergents for living room floors.

wash dirty clothes

On Wednesdays, try to wash dirty clothes and put any clothes in place after drying.

cleaning the stairs and the entrance to the house

Spend Thursdays cleaning the stairs and the entrance to the house so that your guests will notice when the house is clean at the end of the week.

Other household chores

If possible, rest with family members on Fridays or take care of children’s homework. It was an example of how to clean the house during the week. Depending on your free time, you can clean your home as much as possible and enjoy keeping it clean.

How to keep the bathroom clean?

You do not need to spend all day cleaning to keep your bathroom clean. You need to avoid spilling Russian toothpaste on the bathroom floor ceramics and clean the mirror as soon as it stains.

We use the bathroom constantly during the day, so it is better to spend a little time daily cleaning it. You don’t have to clean the bathroom on the weekends instead of resting.

If you are looking to hire maid services in 2022, ask the cleaning experts to clean the following items in the bathroom:

  • Bathroom sink
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Shower, bathtub, and toilet
  • Mirrors and glass doors
  • Bathroom flooring

If you love the environment and want to use natural and easy cleaners to clean your home, try this natural detergent recipe:

  • ¼ Cup of baking soda
  • Two teaspoons of dishwashing liquid
  • Two glasses of water
  • Three tablespoons of white vinegar
  • Ten drops of fragrant essential oil

How to keep the bedroom clean?

To practice keeping the bedrooms clean more than before in the new year, try to order a large wall closet. If you have enough space to store your appliances, your bedroom will stay clean and tidy. If you want to clean your bedroom floor but do not have enough time to do so, try hiring maid services in 2022 and enjoy the excellent benefits of cleaning specialists.

If you do not have enough space to order a large wall closet, buy wicker utensils and large baskets. Many plastic and wicker baskets will fit under your bed, and you can put many of your small and large items in them.

If it is difficult for you to change the sheets completely, ask the cleaning professionals and waiters to do it for you. Be careful in choosing the right desktop for the bedroom table so that you can place your beautiful magazines and books on the table.

To keep the bedroom clean, try to repeat these steps every day:

  • Make the bed
  • Folding blankets
  • Throw away extra items in the bedroom
  • Dust removal on bedside tables
  • Arrange the shelves
  • Vacuum carpets

How to keep the kitchen clean?

How to keep the kitchen clean?

Do the utensils make your kitchen look cluttered? Are you constantly washing dirty dishes in the kitchen? The solution to this problem is simple. To continually get rid of dirty kitchen utensils, you can fill one side of the sink with water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid and place dirty dishes in this part of the sink during the day. A sink filled with detergent and water will help you better remove grease and food debris from the plates.

Do you know the rule of 20 minutes a day? Try to use this great rule in your kitchen.

It is beneficial to spend a few minutes after each meal cleaning the kitchen.

When cleaning the kitchen, practice repeating these things every day:

  • Put dirty dishes in a sink
  • Always keep a sink empty
  • Take the time to clean the surface of the counters
  • Always keep your refrigerator tidy
  • Sweep the kitchen floor
  • Use suitable detergents for steel surfaces

How to keep the Living Room clean?

The living room is where we spend most of our time day and night. So you need to pay special attention to keeping it clean so that it does not suddenly fill with everyday items. Always try to put things in the right place to avoid the crowded and cluttered living room. This way, guests will enjoy the cleanliness of your home when they enter.

To keep the Living Room clean, try to repeat these steps every day:

  • Avoid clutter
  • Put children’s toys and books in place
  • Arrange sofa cushions regularly
  • Dust the surfaces
  • Spread beautifully on desktop coffee tables
  • Vacuum carpets and sofas
  • Pick up pet hair from carpets and furniture


Thank you for being so supportive. We tried to introduce you to the right time for hiring maid services in 2022. Also, the tips we mentioned in this article will help you always have a clean house. Our specialists are ready to provide a variety of cleaning services. Contact us to book maids and cleaning specialists.

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