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Cleaning is Easier When You Have Less Stuff
admin_taskna By : Taskna team
04 Mar 2022

Cleaning is supposed to be fun. If it’s taking all of your time and energy, you’re doing it wrong. Here are a few tips to help you shave some time off your house cleaning process. Go Pro!

When is Cleaning Easier?

Cleaning will be much more efficient if you know your stuff. You can learn many tips, tricks, shortcuts, and hacks to speed up the cleaning process.

When is Cleaning Easier?

Get to it asap

Some stains can harden and become difficult to get rid of if ignored. Clean a stain as soon as it happens. The most important ones, in this case, are cooking stains. Clean as you cook, and you won’t be dealing with greasy stovetops and dirty countertops.

Organize before cleaning.

Before you start dusting or wiping, pick up the stuff that shouldn’t be there and put them in its place. This way, you won’t be picking up something every time you want to clean around it.

Wipe from top to bottom.

Since gravity pulls downward, start cleaning the higher areas first so you won’t have to keep moving up and down.

Clean linearly

When cleaning a room, avoid going back and forth. Choose a point and start from there. Do a clockwise or counter-clockwise cleaning around the area. You can do a second sweep after reaching your starting point if you’re not satisfied.

Clean linearly

Let it sit for a while

In advertisements for cleaning products, there’s always the spray-wipe-smile process. In reality, cleaning products work at their finest when they sit on a surface for a while. Wait a few minutes after spraying a character with a product. You can read the manufacturer’s instructions on the container. Following the same notion, if you’re washing your dishes in the sink, leaving them in dishwashing soap or detergent mixed with water is always best. This way, there’ll be no need for later scrubbing.

Prevent tracking dirt

One way of stoping dirt would be to use a shoe rack. Get into the habit of taking your shoes off and putting them in a shoe rack outside. It’s also best to put doormats in front of every door.

Sweep from the corner toward the door

If you’re going for maximum efficiency when cleaning the floor, it’s always best to clean your way off the room. Whether sweeping or vacuuming, this will make it so you won’t have to walk over the cleaned floor.

Less is more

  • A wild idea would be to buy a smaller house to cut the cleaning effort to a fraction. Now, we know that probably not every homeowner reading this will go ahead and trade their house for a condo. So, the next best thing would be to have less stuff.
  • Get rid of small decorations, and instead, try going for a large and minimalistic centerpiece.
  • Keep the bathroom and kitchen countertops empty by storing products away.

Equality for all (well, ideally.)

  • A way of cutting down on the time laundry takes for you, especially if you have a large family, is to divide the tasks. Assign something to each member of the family. Start with their stuff.
  • After the laundry is done, ask each family member to fold their clothes and store them in their place.
  • Resist the urge to pick up after the little ones. Instead, teach them to pick up after themselves.
  • Feel free to ask your children or spouse to share the burden of some chores with you.

Make Room and Organize

To clean a surface, you don’t want to work your way through a slew of stuff. The more room you have to store your property, the fewer things you’ll have to move around while cleaning. On top of that, storing things will keep them clean and dust-free for much longer than if they’re lying around. An excellent tip to make room for storing items is to choose the types of furniture that utilize space. Try those with extra drawers when picking out a dresser or a bed. It’s also best to organize your cleaning tools and products. This way, you will know where to reach for as soon as you see a stain.

Make Room and Organize

Get into a Routine

Nothing gets things done more effortlessly than having a routine. Suppose you get used to spending 10 to 15 minutes doing small cleaning every day. It will delay the need for a long and severe cleaning session and make cleaning much easier and more enjoyable for you.

Use the right tools and materials.

It might sound unnecessary to go for. But in the long run, a steam cleaner, a robot vacuum, or a multi-function brush can save you much time and effort.

You’re doing laundry too often.

Just like toothpaste, you’re doing too much laundry. Of course, washing your underclothes is rarely too much. But washing other clothing items (especially the everlastingly argued over jeans) can wait for one or more turns before they start becoming a threat to your health or pride.

Music is magic.

If, like us, it’s hard for you to enjoy your life without some fine tunes, you know just how essential music is. Make a playlist for yourself and play on it. Dance with the beat and sweep away. You might find yourself a new hobby.   

Have a cleaning partner

Have a cleaning partner

Doing stuff as a team makes things less laborious and more motivating. Cleaning is no exception. Next time you decide to tidy up the place, reach out for an extra pair of hands. You won’t regret it. Don’t forget to compensate for your hardworking partner, though. A launch would be fair trade.

Clean when no one’s in the house

If possible, try to pick a time when kids are at school. You won’t have anyone getting in your way. On top of that, you can surprise them when they come home to a spotless house.

Cleaning is its reward.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore. Well, it is. But it doesn’t have to feel like one. If you don’t enjoy cleaning, you probably haven’t done it enough. It might even be addicting. The satisfaction of watching the stains go away, the joy of looking at your freshly vacuumed carpet, or the fulfillment of a clean-smelling house are more than enough to get you hooked.

Not everyone has the time and skills as rewarding and therapeutic cleaning is. Cleaning a condo might be simple, but doing a deep clean on a two-story house is not a one-person (or woman) job. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need your place spotless in no time, Taskna is here for you. Our cleaners are professional and experienced with a passion for their work. Whether you want weekly or monthly standard cleaning, deep cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning, post-construction cleaning, etc., we have your back. Go ahead and book a service. We will be with you immediately and take care of the rest.

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