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Are you dealing with Water Spots? Try this tip! - Taskna

Are you dealing with Water Spots? Try this tip!
admin_taskna By : Taskna team
09 Mar 2022

The water we drink, wash with, the rain or the water you find in any corner of nature contains minerals, acids, salts, and other forms of contamination. Therefore on various surfaces surrounding us, such as cars, bathroom walls, windows, or kitchen tools, soon after the water has evaporated naturally, these contaminants will be deposited. This leaves water spots that are sometimes hard to be removed. This article is about tips to remove water spots. Before reviewing the directions to remove water spots, we first need to understand their nature and types. 

What are the different types of water sports that you need to know?

tips to remove water spots

Tips to remove water spots depend on the constitution of water. There are two main types of water stains, including: 

  • Hard water: One way to quantify the number of minerals available in water is to measure the hardness of the water. If the pH level of water turns to 7 or higher, it is considered hard water. In some cities worldwide, even the water from pipes is hard. This is mainly due to calcium and magnesium on the water toward the plumbing system. This can deposit minerals in lines and affect kitchen tools, glasses in the bathroom, and even cars you wash. These minerals are harmless, but they can damage some particular surfaces long-term.
  • Acid rain: Rain passes through the atmosphere, and therefore, it can wash carbon dioxide or CO2 on its way to the earth’s surface. Rain usually is in the form of weak carbonic acid. The ph of acid rain is generally above 0.5 and below 5.5. This level can change based on the city or area you live. Usually, the pH of acid rain is higher in populated towns and close to industrial sites. Rain is more acidic in these areas since carbon dioxide or nitrogen oxide is higher. Acid rain is potentially dangerous for any surfaces it hits, and it should be adequately cleaned. 

Now that we are familiar with the most common water stains, it’s time to review practical tips to remove water spots.

Tips to remove water spots: try the clay bar method. 

Before trying any tips to remove water spots, it is better to wash the surface using foam and regular water. This will reduce the effort required to remove water stains. The clay bar method can help you remove chemicals and mineral deposits fast and efficiently. You need to keep the surface soapy and wet for this method and then rub the clay with medium pressure to remove stains. Fold the clay frequently to take advantage of friction from new surfaces. Clay can easily remove calcium carbonate, one of the most complex substances to be washed. Nevertheless, this method cannot help you remove stains stuck within cracks and micropores. It is better to take advantage of the clay bar method only after applying more intense solutions, such as wax or ceramic spray. 

Tips to remove water spots: a combination of Vinegar and water

Tips to remove water spots: a combination of Vinegar and water

The most effective solution for removing hard water stains is water and Vinegar. This solution can remove mineral deposits with much less damage to the surface. This solution also has no harm to the environment. The power of this combination is mainly due to the natural acetic acid available in Vinegar. But why not use Vinegar as a solo solution for removing hard water stains? Pure white Vinegar has a pH of 2.5. Hence, this substance can cause severe damages if used solo. To lower the acidity of this substance, water is added to the white Vinegar. To remove water stains with this method, you need to generously spray the combination on the surface and then let it rest for a couple of minutes. This leaves an adequate temporal window for the mixture to soak deep in character and dissolve the substance deposits. You can adjust the amount of Vinegar based on the hardness of spots. 

take advantage of the products available.

Along with tips to remove water spots that we introduced earlier, you can take advantage of professional products available in the market. These products are powerful, as they contain phosphoric acid. The latter is more vital than Vinegar as its pH level is around 3. Hence, washing minerals and calcium carbonate with these products are rather effortless. All you need to do is spay your favorite product on the desired surface and let the solution sit for 30 to 60 seconds. Then, you can easily wipe the liquid using a soft towel and enjoy a stainless cover. 

Another functional yet robust product for removing water stains is the wheel acid. This should be your final solution, as it is mighty and highly corrosive. Wheel acids contain hydrofluoric acid, which is very powerful, and in case used in pure form, it can damage surfaces and metals. Hence, make sure you combine it with water to decrease its pH. Also, it is suggested to try this solution on a tiny and hidden part of your desired surface to make sure it’s not too aggressive or damaging for your purpose. After testing, do not spray the liquid directly onto the surface. Instead, spread it on a towel to proceed with cleaning the stains. Wash the surface to make sure this solution causes minimum damage to surfaces. Wheel acid is a proper solution for stains caused by acid rain. 

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This article briefly reviewed different water stains and introduced tips to remove water spots. You can use homemade remedies for water spots or take advantage of more powerful and professional products available in the market. In any case, make sure that you choose the least aggressive yet practical solution based on the type of stains and surface you attempt to clean.

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