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Tips for Eliminating Bathroom Odor
admin_pjm By : PJM FIXTMAN
22 Apr 2022

The bathroom is the easiest part of the house to develop odors—fungi, mold, and mildew like to grow in damp and dark environments with the right temperature. Since many things in a typical bathroom can build up bad smells, it’s essential to be aware. If you’re welcomed by unpleasant odors whenever you walk into your bathroom, here are a few to-dos to help you overcome the situation. We’ll also share a few handy tips on making your bathroom smell fresh and pleasant.


Tips for Eliminating Bathroom Odor

Before trying to attack the root of the problem, ventilation is a quick way to get rid of odors in a closed spaces like bathrooms. Besides, ventilation makes it difficult for mold, mildew, and fungi to grow by replacing the damp air.

1) Open a window and door

First thing first, create some circulation. Dampness and warmth make the perfect ground for mold growth. Keep the bathroom windows open as often and for as long as possible to let fresh air in. If your bathroom doesn’t come with a window, keep the door open. While you’re at it, open the cabinet doors too.

2) Install a powerful ventilator

Turn on your bathroom fan often. Remember, leading the odors out is not a ventilator’s only job. By displacing the air inside the bathroom, the fan helps reduce the dampness of the environment and stops mold and mildew from growing. Turn the fan on and keep it on for about 20 minutes after a shower for optimum effect.
Be sure to check and clean your ventilator every six months, and replace it if necessary.

3) Get an air purifier

Getting an air purifier will do the trick if proper ventilation is impossible. An air purifier acts as a sanitizer for the air by cleaning out its particles. This will make it difficult for mold to grow and odors to form.

Wash, scrub, disinfect, unclog

Wash, scrub, disinfect, unclog

After making proper ventilation, it’s time to attack the source of the odors. You can use your homemade products or go with store-bought for any disinfecting or sanitizing. Either way, it’s best to make sure that the product is in some way specialized to deal with odors.

1) The toilet

The toilet is a big (and sometimes, the only) source of bathroom odors; its nooks and crannies trap filth and germs. These areas are favorite grounds for bacteria to grow and cause a stench. Keeping your toilet parts clean will help keep the odors at bay.

a) Clean the bowl

Over time, the toilet bowl can collect filth and stench. Scrub your toilet bowl with your toilet brush inside and around with the suitable material. You can use white vinegar and baking soda as your homemade cleaning product.
Don’t forget the toilet seat. Spray the heart with an anti-bacterial disinfectant and scrub it clean. This will reduce the odors as well as prevents potential infections. Always remember to wear gloves while cleaning the toilet.

b) Clean the tank

Before you pick up the brush again, there’s an easier way of cleaning a toilet tank than just trying to scrub through everything. Pour some vinegar into the tank and let it sit for a few hours. You can add baking soda to the mix as well. Then, get a brush and scrub the base and the sides of the tank. The mineral deposits and mold will have been dissolved by the vinegar formula and will be much easier to come off.

2) The trash can

Empty your trash can often. It’s best to have a small trash can so they won’t sit in it for too long as they can produce their stench. When replacing the bag, give the can itself an excellent clean. Sanitize the inner and outer surface and scrub with your toilet brush. Rinse it with water and dry it with a paper towel to remove all the moisture. After replacing the bag, it’s good to pour some baking soda at the bottom. It will help against the odors.

3) Mop regularly.

Spilled urine from the toilet gets between the tile gaps and dries into the grout. This can leave a long-lasting unpleasant odor. Mop the bathroom floor regularly with anti-odor products to eliminate your bathroom odor.

4) Wash the towels

Hand and body towels make good sources of bacteria and microbes and, therefore, odors. Dirty towels can go beyond minor inconveniences and cause straight-up infections. Wash your towels regularly to keep them as germ-free as possible. If you notice a smell, it’ll help to add some white vinegar to the solution while being cleaned in the washer.

5) Disinfect your toilet brush

You’ll be cleaning everything else in the bathroom with your toilet brush. So, it’s only fair to make sure the meeting is not carrying any bacteria or filth. An excellent way to clean your toilet brush is to pour some citric acid or rub alcohol on it while it’s in its holder. Let it sit for an hour and rinse it with water.

Check your plumbing

1) Clogged drain

If your bathroom or shower drain has been clogged, it can let out a pretty noticeable and foul odor. It’s also possible that the trap has gotten defective and no longer keeps the bad smells from coming out of the drain. Check your drain plumbing once every year or two years to prevent this.

2) Lose pipes

Loose or uncapped pipes can let the odors out. Check them yourself or ask for a plumber’s help to ensure all the lines are properly sealed and closed.

Get some scents going.

Now that you’ve gotten rid of the bad smells, you can invite some good ones.



Unlike many believe, air freshener sprays aren’t the best go-to option to get rid of odors. Sprays overtake the scents by temporarily masking them but don’t effectively eliminate them. Yet, they might not even be the best choice of aromas. Synthetic air fresheners carry toxic materials that can be irritating and unpleasant. There are cheaper and safer ways of making your aromatics.

Use homemade aromatics

Instead of using synthetic sprays, use natural and homemade options. A mixture can make a range of different homemade aromatics of essential oils, alcohol, and some water. You can then spray this mix to release a long-lasting natural scent. Keep your homemade spray bottle in a reachable place. Release one or two puffs in the air every time you’re done using the toilet. You can do this while using the bathroom as well. You won’t have to waste water by doing courtesy flushes this way.
Another good use of your homemade perfume would be to pour some of it on the inside of the toilet paper roll. You’ll be welcomed by a fresh aroma every time you reach for a tissue.

Scented Candles

Lighting candles is a bit of a fancy one. But, if that’s up to your alley, it will be worth it. The candle flame gets rid of the foul odors, while the scented part makes the bathroom pleasant to smell.
We hope to have helped you have a better-smelling bathroom. If you’ve done everything on the list and still facing stubborn odors, reach out to a professional and ask for advice. It might be time for an extensive renovation.

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